I’ve got me a big old safe 
With a code that only I know 
In it lies a hundred emotional states of being 
That I have been told are not safe to be 
Grumpy was placed there when I was 2 
Alongside selfish and jealous 
Ooooo and greedy, that probably came before 2 
Alongside needy not “seedy” that was an adult one that I’m to hide 
Envy is an older version of jealous, 
I packed up that one alongside any feelings of 
Retribution, regret and resentment. 
They didn’t teach those in RE (not in a catholic school anyhow) 
The safe was almost full by the time I was 18 
But I kept on packing them things away that I am not supposed to be 
Like vengeful and rageful and spiteful 
Away they go 
And slowly but surely, they have started to leak out 
Age I think brings it on. 
My safe is a bit rusty.... 
soon I’ll be one of those women that “tuts” in a queue 
Or maybe I won’t. 
Maybe I’ll be one of those women who learnt getting a bit messy 
With her emotional sense of being 
Brings about a sort of carefree self love 
Where accountability sits next to compassion on a sofa 
And they drink tea out of a straw 
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