A young friend of mine uncovered this beautiful feather when we were out walking the other day, and I was just blown away by the beauty of it. 
It got me thinking; did nature create this feather to be beautiful? Probably not. Nature has a way of creating things to have intent and purpose. She wields her tools with finesse to create feathers which arc in just the right way, bedecked with colours to entice or to repel. 
Nature weaves tree roots in the soil and grants trees permission to grow to their lofty heights where with seemingly no effort, we now know they communicate with each other so as not to encroach. 
Nature does not set out to be beautiful - it sets out to be intentional, meaningful and purposeful. 
Reflecting on my own projects, my children, my art, my therapy practice - I wonder. Am I focused on these things being beautiful, being nice, being lovely? Am I so busy trying to create something attractive that I forget to create something meaningful - that I lose the intent and the purpose when it is wrapped up in the need to be beautiful. 
Perhaps Beauty is not something that can ever be constructed. It does not have colour or shape or texture, because it is instead a moment of awe. 
When my clients take strides forward in their lives, when they begin to take themselves seriously - to acknowledge how much they matter..... it is a truly beautiful moment to witness. It is as if every colour in the rainbow came forth in its perfect hue and filled my eyes. Yet - I’m certain that was not the intent - instead my clients were / are, beginning to step forward with intent and purpose. 
Trying to construct beauty - misses a point, and perhaps it will only ever lead to disappointment, because beauty happens in those surprising moments when you witness an intentional artist at work. 
Be your own intentional artist, paint your life - not to “be beautiful” but to be purposeful, and I promise - I will be there to witness you and it will be the most beautiful moment we have ever discovered. 
My garden is full of brightly colored flowers, bursting into life in their most glorious hues. Dark purple blooms, surge their way forward out of dark green leaves whilst red velvet roses peeps through budded curtains, And I am sitting just thinking what it took for those life bursts to arrive. Those blooms are almost as if the plant itself bursts into a chorus of “I’m worth it, here I come” - calling us over to be entranced by their beauty. And we do go, and we do wonder, and we do feel amazed. 
Each of those blooms started off deep down in the soil. Each of those blooms had to trust that they could reach up and out into the world - and it wasn’t easy, there was winter. Each of those blooms developed defences, thorns, a retract mechanism, thick thick stems. Each of those blooms worked out how to nourish itself, great hands of green begged first, and then learnt to trust in the processes. Each of those blooms arrived at their glory moment because they were meant to, and because they deserved it. So do you x 
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