I can sit next to him and a thousand words cascade 
A waterfall that does not know it will arrive in a basin 
Instead my internal rest place only knows a cascade 
He can sit next to me, I see him 
And he is the leaves unfathomed by the breeze 
He is at peace inside his skin 
He smiles at me - as I break our silence for the 20th time 
Ever patient ever present 
Like the curve just at the base of his neck 
Which I tuck into when I wake up in the middle of the night. 
I learnt about rip tides when I was 13 
The strange calm water that sits like an inviting pathway between the waves 
And yet is not 
It is what I know about still. 
Still is the skin of catastrophe. 
I break silence like a heart beat 
Du dum “and if you” 
Du dum “what do you think of” 
Du dum “won’t somebody please tell 
Me I’m not alone” 
Du dum “if I talk will it stop you shouting” 
Du dum “I don’t want to be my mother’s umbrella any more - ever available in case the rain comes” 
Du dum “did you ever know how beautiful you are when you are sitting quietly” 
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