These are my feet. 
Two displaced roots, unearthed too long 
I rarely wear shoes 
Perhaps this has been an attempt to replant 
And yet here they are 
These are my feet. 
Driftwood skin lies parched, sewn tight with time 
Flesh turned black 
The shame held in tight 
Oh the shame – the tar, never meant for this wreck 
These are my feet 
Siren calls from my lips, thunder through my toes 
You didn’t hear me speak 
And I never knew how to run 
I was scared…scared and scarred and sacred 
Yet these are my feet 
I wonder what the shape of my footprints through life has been 
Trenches worn deep by repetition into my womanhood 
10 tiny soldiers front line fire 
Oh my poor feet 
These are my feet 
Warriors, wounded. Now woken 
Did you see them coming, 
Lawyers in situe evidence pronounced 
These are my feet 
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