It’s ok if you are not rejoicing 
It’s ok if ‘back to normal’ is not what you wanted 
It’s ok if you don’t want to rush back into hugging people 
It’s ok if you are numbed out or utterly confused 
It’s ok if this is all too soon 
And it’s ok if it’s just not soon enough 
It’s ordinary that you feel conflicted 
We are the survivors of a car crash in which our loved ones died 
We are the left ones, the history keepers, the story tellers 
And it’s ok that you haven’t found your voice yet 
It’s ok that you feel differently from someone else, 
Given everything that’s happened - that's the most “normal” that can be. 
Trust is going to be hard for a while, and that’s alright too, my hand will stay outstretched for when you are ready. 
Some doors will fling open and laughter will peel back the layers of fear 
Some doors will edge open bit by precious bit 
And some will not open quite yet. 
Do not forget, behind every door is a heart that has been pained by the same story as you. 
We can each pick up a paintbrush - what colour we choose is ours to determine alone 
And that 
Has to be ok. 
You do you, and I will do me. 
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