Our instinct as young human beings is to pick up a crayon and make our mark. Something we easily forget to do as an adult. Art Journaling is a way to reclaim your imprint on the world. 
Creativity as a Therapeutic Journey 
A reclaimed way to delve within and explore who you are. 
You might throw some paint down on a piece of paper and your brain will suddenly start to see images that you could start to transform and work with or you might just want to think about something that you’re going through in life. 
Self Development 
We are all creative human beings.  
We can all put a pencil on a piece of paper and in that process allow something to emerge. 
That's creativity. 
Sometimes we are stuck in our own thoughts, stuck in our own repetitive patterns. The beauty of putting internal thoughts down on paper is that they become outside of you, and therefore something you can begin to experiment with. 
It’s a really good way of re-connecting back to who you are. 
It is all too easy to repeat external criticisms of self within our own mind.  
How many of us hear our art teachers voice when appraising our creativity some thirty years later? 
Art Journaling with its limited rules gives you a chance to become your own internal fan club. There is no greater joy than hearing someone say, “Look what I just did!” 
See yourself from a different perspective and connect to your authentic self. 
Currently I facilitate two art journaling groups in Sussex and regular drop-in spaces nation-wide. See the calendar for more details. 
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