How can group work help me? 
When it comes to reaching out for therapeutic help, you might consider being part of a group. 
Jolene facilitates a number of different women’s only therapy groups in the UK. 
Women’s Space for Reflection - Sussex. 
It is ordinary when we come into contact with new people, that we project historical people onto them. Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself “that person is just like my mother !”. In a process group, we bring these projections to life, allowing unmet dilemmas to come to the surface where they can be fully understood with a view to healing (at least internally) these critical historical relationships. 
The woman’s process group is at its roots – a talking circle, facilitated and boundaried in a therapeutic manor. The groups run as closed spaces, with each member committing financially to 6 sessions, with a review on the final session. 
Using a variety of techniques including psychodrama, creative and talking therapy – the groups remit is to explore its ultimate potential, overcoming individual relational dramas as well as working through difference. 
The therapeutic frame adheres to the boundaries and terms of healthy therapeutic conduct as laid out by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy of which I am a professional member. (full terms and conditions are available on request). 
Member organisations 
Accredited register membership 
Probably the most reassuring part of being in a safe group, is the feeling of not being alone. Listening to others share their dilemmas and life traumas can make you feel less isolated in your own. 
Learning from others 
We are always on a journey of discovery and it may be that others may have some important tips on how you can venture forth in your own dilemma. Though the group will be discouraged from advice giving, as this can often lead a person to feel under pressure, the group can be a place to brainstorm ways through life obstacles. 
Helping others 
It is a lovely feeling to help others, yet in our “quick fix” society we often feel under pressure to help practically which takes up valuable time and energy. Instead, within the safety of the group we can come to understand that just “being” and authentically listening can be a important step to helping others 
Mirrorred experiences 
Do you find that you often feel your life goes in a circle, that you meet the same problems within relationships again and again. It is thought that we learn ways to interrelate early in our childhood and we use these patterns throughout our life even if they are unhelpful to us. Within the group – these similar patterns are bound to occur – with the authentic and non-judgemental support from the group and the safe holding of the facilitator, it is possible to change and learn new ways to interrelate which you can take out into your daily life. 
What should I expect? 
Expect to feel lots! You might be nervous, excited, frightened, hopeful, sceptical. You won’t be alone ! These feelings are all completely understandable, you are about to do something which is unfamiliar in our western culture. 
You will be sat in a group of women, no more than 12. In the early stages, the group will be mainly facilitator led – with small exercises that can be done in pairs – far less daunting then speaking out to a room full of strangers ! If you decide to continue on with the group, you will discover that the group leads itself, with you becoming the captain of your own ship – part of “coming home” to yourself is in learning how to ask for what you want or need. 
What if I..... 
Can’t talk in groups? 
Am frightened of conflict? 
Don’t know what I want? 
Feel too sad / too needy / too alone? 
You are welcome. This is s a space for you to grow, that means everyone who comes will have their own fears and difficulties not only in relating to others but also in relating to themselves. 
Persephone rose each summer from the clutches of Hades - back into the arms of her mother. Yet for many women, we are still waiting the moment when we will be held and nurtured by the woman who gave birth to us. Persephone’s Landing aims to explore all of those difficult feelings we face as adult women in the world, still mother hungry. Do you self criticize a lot ? Struggle with owning your achievements ? Do you find yourself overly needy or awkwardly removed in relationships ? Do you struggle with issues around control - often finding yourself compelled to be “the only one who...” ? Join Jolene and Manuela to find your landing place. 
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