Every summer for eight weeks Jolene Payne and Lucy Campeanu of FB group  
“Live Art Journaling & Self Development” run an online creative summer school. 
Following a fairy-tale, Gezellig is comprised of eight creative workshops and eight self-development workshops, consistent personal support and a readily available online community of like-minded people. 
Gezellig operates through a private FB group where videos are uploaded weekly and remain online until the December of each year, giving you plenty of time to catch up. 
Lucy will send a link and video. 
Testimonials for Gezeillig 
''What a start to Gezellig, Summer School!'' 
A Story; I love a story, fact, fiction, myth or monologue, poetry and prose... I love them all! 
And to make a book (or in some cases books) of our own, to write our own stories in, makes my heart sing. Even the book making terms "signature", "awl" are like poetry! 
And I love anything small, miniature, so here’s my little book: 
But what will we put in them? Thoughts, musings and mind wanderings, dreams and wishes, tall tales; what magic and mystery are Jolene and Lucy going to cajole into these tiny wee pages? I for one can’t wait to find out! 
Already we have created a beautiful array of art, with beads and charms. I imagine these miniature wonders all lined up on a shelf, like Sarah Streeter’s mini library. The words, like alchemy whispering to each other, each a good luck talisman for its creator and so like all good stories I can’t wait for the next chapter...." 
''Gezellig Week 1!'' 
Week 1 - from the very first words 'Once Upon a Time' I allowed myself to drift and to dream into the world of Princess Cottongrass. I found myself immersed in the first project, letting go of the mundane and reality of life. The first project is pure escapism. As I create an imaginary world, layer by layer, a unifying theme holds it together. Home - and what that might mean for me, particularly as I pack my life up, to move my physical home for the 3rd time in 5 years. 
''This year is rocking in Gezellig!!'' 
Loved the exercise of how many hats you wear, I have done something similar with the names you have a while ago. It is interesting to compare the two and see how life has changed. I was not going to make the crown but I did and I had a ball doing it. I'm glad I did!!! This year is rocking in Gezellig!! 
''Gezellig Week 2'' 
Week 2 of my first ever Gezellig experience had me thinking about the hats we all wear in our daily lives. In our story, the Princess shows her crown to prove her royalty. Every Princess needs a crown! After a little hesitation about painting on fabric I dove in and found out how fun it was. I especially enjoyed weaving the strips of painted fabric for the centerpiece of my crown. Adding the bits of bling was fun too, I’m all about bling! I even figured out how to do a blanket stitch on my sewing machine for the edging and to sew all the pieces together! Someone asked to see a picture of me wearing my crown. It fit just right! I learned that every Princess needs a crown. Wondered why it took me so long to discover mine! Such a lovely week! 👑 👸  
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